About Audio

Don began his career in sound recording in 1985 at an independently-owned, 24-track recording studio in upstate New York. He worked his way up from a studio assistant to a respected and sought-after sound engineer for recordings, film, and video productions.

To view demo reel:



His sound work has been heard on a variety of radio and television commercials, feature films, television programs, recordings, and the 1980 Olympic Games. His clients include major corporations, national recording artists, independent filmmakers, and advertising agencies.


His most recent accomplishment as sound recordist for documentary works:


Network/Commercial/Corporate Clients:

  • Fox & Friends
  • ESPN
  • Microsoft Inc.
  • IBM
  • ABC-News
  • CNN
  • Food Network
  • Lion TV
  • Maslin Digital
  • McMaster Productions
  • Crystal Pix
  • Debergerac Productions